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So-Called Living

First: A buddy I use to work with (in the video game industry) is drawing up 6 pages of my SCL script to add to his portfolio. If I feel his style matches the story I’m trying to tell, we’re going to use those pages to submit to Image… pretty cool eh?

Second: I’ve been talking to Corey Reid (writer/creator of Reform School Ninja Girls, and crowd founding guru) about auditioning artists to work on SCL. I’m a little tide up at the moment, so it might be a few weeks before I get to this part.

Third: I have to get around to changing the front page of Still have Jamie listed as artist on the project.

Unnamed Project (A book me and Ray are working on)

First: I’ve plotted out a story that I like… kinda. I like certain parts, but there seems to be something missing. I got to go back to the drawing board on this one. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Second: Ray has been putting together some art work for our little project (which I’ve shared some of in previous posts), but he’s unsatisfied with the outcome and will be headed back  to the drawing board as well.

As soon as I have more info to share about this project I will.


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