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From Endings to New Beginnings

Aug 27, 2013   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

I’ve got some sad news :( As it turns out, Michele and I may not be working together on So-Called Living after all. Why you ask? Well, for two reasons.

1. An opportunity for her to work on storyboards in Thailand has turned its ugly head (ugly for me that is, great news for her).

2. The cost for hiring Michele was a little more than I could afford at the moment. I am willing to pay an artist to draw So-Called Living, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that… well, when it comes to the finances, I need to go back to the drawing board.

So what do I do now? Do give up is what!

After my meeting with Michele, I had a talk with a few people at FanExpo in Toronto, namely Jim Zub, creator of Skull Kickers, and Corey Reid, creator of Reform School Ninja Girls. Both were very informative.

Before FanExpo I had a script, and no plan. I was floundering , no idea what to do next, but now I have a direction. Where will it lead?… I’ll keep you posted.

The Plan So Far

Mar 27, 2012   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

So I’ve decided that So-Called Living will have a limited print release, and that we’ll be focusing on digital distribution for the most part.  I’ve been checking out, a distribution site for digital comics, not exactly sure how good they are, but the price seems about right, $150 plus their cut of sales (if I read that right). But before all that, the plan is to get a promotional print ready to hand out at FanExpo. The actual release date of So-Called Living won’t happen till we have at least 3 of the issues completed. At which point we will release 1 a month for the next 3 months, which should give us enough time to complete the 4th and final book of the mini series.

Looking for a Printing House

Mar 26, 2012   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

It’s Monday! Jamie tells he had some time to work on art this weekend (awesome news), although I did not get to work on the script :( This week my goal is to buckle down and get the script for book 3 nailed down. On a side note, Stan (The Man) Lee is going to be at FanExpo this year in Toronto and I’m hoping to hand him off a copy of our completed first issue. I think I’ve found a place that will print our book, although I’m having a hard time ordering a sample from their site, If anyone out there has a better suggestion for a print houses I could check out, please let me know.