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25 Things About Me

Feb 19, 2013   //   by Mark Maia   //   The Facts About Mark Maia  //  No Comments

WARNING: If you’ve ever been to my other blog (which no longer exists) you might have already read this.

I was inspired by a blog post I read at entitled “25 Random Things About Me”. And thought to myself, hey there must be at least 25 random things about me too, right? I ran out around 12 and it was an uphill struggle to 25. Either I’m not very interesting or simply blinded to my own feelings and experiences.

Anyways, I managed to come up with 25 “things about me” and actually had fun doing it. It’s an interesting experience breaking down who you are into a list. It stirs up memories and emotions, some good, some sad, but all relevant to who you are. So take a peek and get to know me a bit better, and when you’re done, maybe you’ll be inspired to make a list of your own.



  1. I was raised by women, most prevalent of which consisted of a mom, a grandmother, an aunt, a cousin (also female), 3 sisters and their girlfriends
  2. I am a man of my word, or at least I do my best to try to be
  3. I am a student of The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” although my grades do slip from time to time
  4. I won writing competitions all the time when I was in school but never considered taking my storytelling seriously until recently
  5. I am my own harshest critique. I will get ten times more pissed with myself for making a mistake that I would easily forgive another for
  6. Although I want to be a writer, I can’t bring myself to read a book. I can listen to them on tape and when it comes to comics I could read a hundred in a single sitting (minus trips to the bathroom of course) but when it comes to novels, the words go in but their meaning never sticks, it’s as if the black text on the white page has memory wiping properties
  7. I’ve been an illustrator my whole life but haven’t drawn a thing in over seven years
  8. Although I am very friendly, I do not believe that everyone is my friend. In fact I’m pretty sure most people don’t even like me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be any less friendly when it comes to them
  9. I never touched a drink until I was 27
  10. I’m a very touchy, huggy, kissy person when I’m drunk, just ask anyone, Jeff, Aj, Nelson, Phil, Denis… you get the idea
  11. I am not gay… contrary to popular belief
  12. I’m a huge Spiderman Fan
  13. If I had to design a Spiderman game, I think I would have a panic attack
  14. I drift off to daydream land at least 2-3 times a day
  15. Since starting in the video game industry I’ve been an 2D and 3D animator, pixel artist, environment artist, level designer, game designer, voice actor, script writer, lead artist, lead designer, creative director and… I’m sure I’m missing something
  16. I moved to London, ON to start working in the video game industry over 13 years ago
  17. Born and raised in Toronto, and I miss it, my family and friends more than anyone will ever know
  18. I love Indian food, but I fear the what naan bread will do to my girlish figure
  19. I speak both English and Portuguese, although my Portuguese is getting rusty not using it for the past 13 years (Yes, that is the exact time I’ve lived in London, ON)
  20. Some who know me might not think it, but I’m a family man at heart and look forward to starting my own one day
  21. I don’t get offended
  22. I’m proud of the fact that at age 36 I still don’t need glasses. Although with new 3D technology popping up in video games, I’m sure that’ll change
  23. I would love to do some work on the side for Marvel Comics as a writer
  24. I’ve never really been alone, and I’m not sure I would do too well if I ever was
  25. Once I start talking, it’s a conscious mental effort to stop


Feb 11, 2013   //   by Mark Maia   //   The Facts About Mark Maia  //  No Comments

Back in the day when My Singing Monsters (one of our games here at Big Blue Bubble) was just an idea, I was asked to write a short story for it. What I wrote didn’t really fit where the game was going, but I rode the inspiration wave just the same.  One of the artists on the project Chris Elliott sent me a few of his monster drawings to help get my creative juices flowing and this is what came out…


A simple poem inspired by the works of the fine artists here at Big Blue Bubble.

Monster life

Banner art by: Chris Elliott

In times of great despair, when the situation looks most bleak, the creatures of good will rise to see us through the evil. When darkness was all that we knew, and fear was all around us, the creatures of light came to beat back the darkness and chase away our fear. When the land dried and cracked along with our hopes, the creatures of rain showered us with new life and new possibilities, and when the silence, so deafening, muted our inspiration, the creatures of music filled our lives with song and fuelled our imaginations.

Life is a song, so dance.