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Nick Concept: by Brad Heitmeyer

Sep 12, 2013   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

In a previous post, I mentioned a buddy of mine from back at the start of my video game carrier, Brad Heitmeyer (don’t think I mentioned his name before). Anyway, Brad is the guy putting together some So-Called Living pages for his portfolio.

He sent me the picture you see here, about a week or so ago. It’s his first concept of Nick, one of SCL’s main characters. Brad’s style is a lot more realistic compared to the artists that have tried this in the past. It’s not what I expected, but it’s still a nice piece. I’m interested to see where he goes with the rest of it, and how it fits in with the mood of the SCL world. It could be just the thing SCL needed… or not. Either way, we have a new piece of artwork to enjoy.

Good work Brad, I can’t wait to see more. I do hope this works out ;)

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Illustration by Brad Heitmeyer 2013


Nick & Casper Concept Art

Mar 12, 2012   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

I was at the 2012 Toronto ComiCon this weekend to spread the the word about So-Called Living… it could have gone better. It wasn’t like I had a table or anything, just a few promo cards printed up at the last minute to promote this blog, but with all the other handouts going around, it’s easy for a little orange card to get lost in the mix. I only handed out about 50 cards, so I’m not expecting much. I’m thinking what I need is a hot chick to hand out cards, that’ll make them listen! It always got me to listen. Not to mention that I feel uncomfortable going up to strangers to promote myself. For someone else I could do it, for me… not so much. Anyway, back to the reason we’re here today. I got two more concepts from Jamie  for you guys, Nick (top) & Casper (bottom). Nick by far is my favourite So-Called Living concept. Well done Jamie my boy, well done.

Character Break Down: Nick

Mar 5, 2012   //   by Mark Maia   //   So-Called Living: The Blog  //  No Comments

Nick is one of those characters I’m sure will be a crowd favourite. He’s that jack ass that you can’t help but love… kinda like Gregory House